Turquoise is a gem that is widely used since ancient times; it is considered a sacred stone, which carries good luck. Blue to green, with the most expensive varieties being "robin's egg blue". Composed of aluminium phosphate with small amounts of copper and iron is only slightly harder than glass.
It is believed that turquoise changed colour to signal danger and infidelity. It is considered the stone of purification, problem solving and relaxation.
Turquoise is also considered a sacred stone for many American Indian tribes. The Navajos, for example, used a turquoise-based powder with a pigment to make sand paintings to attract rain to dry land. Some natives from the United States and Mexico also place a base of turquoise dust on the graves to protect the dead. The Indian people put it where they want to build their house as an offering to the gods. The Aztecs called it the "Stone of the Gods" and used it as an amulet against evil.

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