citrine quartz - the merchants' stone

Most known as the merchants' stone for attracting good fortune, Citrine quartz not only helps in acquiring wealth but also helps to maintain it.
It is a gemstone of abundance, attracts wealth, prosperity, success, and good energy. It also encourages generosity and shares good luck. Citrine is believed to assist in all fast cash situations and is especially useful in business success.
Carry one in your purse or wallet to attract money and alleviate excessively output.
It is considered a professional backing as it improves interactions for all sales, banking, casinos, sports, and the media. It is a fortifying crystal for the medical and nursing class.
Citrine quartz strengthens the inner light and stimulates creativity and imagination, making it ideal for all types of artists.


Citrine quartz is a transparent and yellow variety of quartz, ranging from pale yellow to golden, honey or almost brown. The name comes from the French word “citron” which means lemon, hence its lighter varieties are known as lemon quartz. It has been used in jewellery in Greece since at least 300 BC and is sometimes confused with the Imperial Topaz (the other stone of November, which we will talk about soon).

It is a stone that represents manifestation, imagination and personal will. With the power emanating from the sun, it transmits warmth, comfort and energy to life. It stimulates the chakras like spring sunlight, clears the mind and summons the soul to action. Their contact stimulates creativity and imagination, accelerating the process of turning dreams and desires into shapes and objects. Its pure yellow energy encourages the fullness of life, new beginnings and new activities.

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