Amethyst Quartz: old beliefs

According to Greek mythology, Amethyst was the name of a nymph besieged by Dionysus and who, for that reason, was transformed by the goddess of chastity into a transparent crystal. Furious, Dionysus dipped the crystal in wine, which gained its lilac colour.

Used as a protective amulet for soldiers, as well as hunters of wild animals, it is also used in the East in jewellery on the forehead, as it is believed to have a positive influence on the Ajna chakra, also known as the "third eye".


Amethyst quartz: a long beloved gemstone

Amethyst quartz is believed to attract peace, serenity, and temperance, protecting its bearer from disappointment.
It  was already used by the ancient Egyptians, but its use was widespread, and it was also found in Anglo-Saxon tombs in England.

Amethyst quartz round faceted beads with a twist and silver chain

Amethyst Quartz is February birthstone, Pisces gemstone and 6th anniversary

Amethyst quartz is a violet coloured gemstone that has, in addition to infinite beauty, several properties that bring benefits to our physical and spiritual body.

Amethyst quartz rondelles with a twist and silver chain, see it at 

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