Tanzanite - the wonder gemstone


Tanzanite is one of the results of a chemical compound called zoisite, composed of calcium, aluminium and silicate. 
In rough, it tends to be a greenish, brown colour with ruby inclusions gemstone but through heat treatment yields a fascinating array of blue, purple and violet tones. 
Some of this gemstone appeared from time to time in the Arusha mining stores, usually brought by the Maasai nomads. The legend was that a massive lightning fire swept through the hills of Merelani, crushing the earth and inflicting a process of accidental heat. Maasai herders who keep cattle in the area found beautiful specimens of blue, lilac-coloured stones and collected the first specimens.

It was in the late ’60s that Manuel de Sousa, a Portuguese Goan native, discover it. But it was Henry B. Platt, vice president and director of Tiffany’s in New York, who baptized it and made tanzanite experienced a surge of popularity in the United States. Tiffany used it in its jewellery, presented it to the market and promoted it.

A precious gemstone, especially for its colour and rarity, as it is 10,000 times rarer than the Diamond.

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