Garnets have a long association with humankind.  Jewels with garnets were found in prehistoric graves, and it was believed that the stone offered protection in the afterlife.
Garnets symbolized faith, constancy and truth. The Greeks believed that the gem could shield against drowning and nightmares. For them meant passion, fidelity and devotion, strengthen faith, friendship and courage; therefore, they used it as talisman and amulets.
For Egyptians, this gemstone was a curative and an antidote against venom and food poisoning.
In medieval Spain, the pomegranate was a favourite fruit, and the similarity to garnets made them very appreciated. For them, garnets represented the sun in Spanish astrology.
The King of Saxony is said to have had a 465 carats garnet (its size was equal to ten Hope diamonds).
Today, Garnet remains a gift of love, and it is traditionally a gift for the 2nd anniversary of marriage.

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